Updating and all...

Yeah, I know, haven't been really keeping up on the updating like I keep saying I am going to. So anyway, not much is happening in life. One really good thing is that I am 98% sure that I will have not only a position really soon at MDSC, but a full time position. I really thought I was going to have to wait for a full time position to become available and get it with seniority and all. But they called up and offered it to me instead of the original part time that I have agreed upon if they did hire me. So I just have to call the lady back between 4 and 4:30 PM today, about and hour and a half from now. She has to finalize being able to hire me by going one step above my head. Since they need people to fill the position and she and the other lady that I talked to were pretty stoked about hiring me then I am pretty sure that it's in the bag.

On the social note, I have met an interesting girl, and I could persue that. She is to young for me, not even 21 yet, just 19, which I am totally not down with, but it could be fun, and I have nothing else going right now. Even if it doesn't work out, she's a nice little blue haired girl, and that's cool for friends and what not.

Friend of mine got arrested the other night when we were out. He's on probation, and his vindictive ex saw us after we were drinking. Apparently he's not allowed to drink. They let him out of jail, but he hasn't talked to his actual Parole Officer yet, so we are worried about him going back in to be resentenced. She told the police officer that he was harassing her, which is not true, she just wanted to get him in trouble and new they would take him in cause he was drunk. He was really cooperative with the arresting officer though, so all that, plus the fact that it's a fairly minor thing might mean he just gets a yelling at. Apparently his P.O. is not a real bitch or anything, he seems to think she is pretty cool, so, yeah, anyway....

ummmm... yeah


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Was really drunk last night after the show I went to. First time I got sick from being drunk in about 6 months. The show was really good though. I got there a bit late, but caught Boss Martians and The Epoxies. Both were excellent, though in all truth I think I enjoyed the Boss Martians more. More punk rock, the Epoxies are more of a New Wave thing.


So my most recent ex... Fsarrah, is now dating Andy, the guy that introduced us. But I found out from her friend that she works with, also named Sarah, because Andy apparently hasn't wanted to tell me. It is to laugh. I told that boy he should hook up with her way before I dated her, and Fsarrah and I were dating like a week and a half maybe two weeks. I definitely think there is something to the theory I heard a bit ago that stated we live in a world run by female sensitivety values. A world were honesty is less important than kindness. On the other hand, Andy is one of the most honest people I know, he just didn't tell me yet. Man, I really couldn't be happier for the two of them though, which is the ironic bit. Makes me wonder how long he has sweated it out thinking about it, and whether or not I should let on that I know, or let him sweat out some more, just for fun. That would be mean right? Yeah, yeah it would, hehe, maybe I will do it though anyway.
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really cool show

So saturday night I went out to the Ritz, one of my favorite local bars, and there was this hippy band playing. The shit sucked, so after talkin with my friend Wendy for a while, she bartends there, I walked the block to Jay's Upstairs, yes there is a Downstairs too. Damn, I am fucking happy I did. What followed was possibly the coolest music night I have experienced in a while. The first band to play was a single guy that called himself I Hate You When You're Pregnant. He has some electronic music playing in the background while he sang, and he sang some funny shit, all the while he was dressed in nothing more than a hunter's orange ski mask and the same colour of speedo bikini type bottom. Oh man, when he fucking broke into the old Fame themesong.... you know, FAME! I want to live foreverrrr... FAME! I'm gonna learn howta fly.... it was fucking hilarious. So he sang that song with the normal chorus but a totally different group of verses. Dude was like 6'5" at least, and halfway through his set took off his hat and he had a short mohawk. The guy looked very hard core after the show when he put on some more clothes, but he was too nice, and very gay. I know this cause he kept saying loudly to me, and another guy their who is gay, that he wanted us to shoot our seed all over him. Yeah... But anyway, I got a copy of his second demo, or at least a cd that he entitled, The Second Demo, and this is the song list.

1. don't get wet....cause that's gross!
2. there is stuff in this world
3. gary sinese
4. sleeveless
5. hey, hot bitches! (which he introduced at the show as hey, hot bitches! give me some pussy!)
6. OMG, i never learned how to read!
7. the furr's is gone (no that's not a type-o, he used 's and is in the title on the list)
8. outro
http://www.ihywyp.com/ is his website... a lot of his songs are available for download there.
and make sure to look at his pics at http://www.ihywyp.com/photo_album1.0.html for the full effect.

Anyway, the other bands there were much better, in that they had musical talent as well as being entertaining. Stab City Slit Wrists, from Flagstaff, AZ, were next. These guys are cool. They had two vocals peeps, a chick and a guy. Both would do any black metal band proud, they got some made screeches, and the tunes are all good punk shit. All together they put on a fucking great show.

Japanther followed SCSW and they were also good, but honestly I unfortunetely blocked alot of it from my long term memory thinking about the other bands that were there and, well, with booze. Sadly, except for the last band, Japanther was probably the most talented there. They put on a damn good show. They are from Brooklyn I believe if any one cares.

The last band is called No-Fi Soul Rebellion. They are a local group. I'm not sure if they tour, really at all. If you ever see them out touring, then you should certainly check them out. The "band" really consists of one guy who makes all his own music electronically and does the singing. His wife was up on stage with him, well, she was on stage and he was running about the audience doing his thing. She appeared to be playing guitar, but a closer look at it proved that it had no strings, hehe. Just background I guess. He did have a bass there that he would pick up and jam on once in a while. The other thing he had was a tiny, totally kid's toy keyboard with a tiny speaker that he would make someone hold as he put his mic up to the speaker and played little ditties with his other hand. His music is high intenscity sort of dance/rock shit. He fucking rocks, and all I have to say is that I will do my best to not miss any more of his shows if I know about them.

Combine that with the fact that I had about 6 vodka tonics over the night and you can surely see that my good time was imminent. It was my destiny and shit.

All is well

Had a talk with Clay tonight, and we worked some stuff out. Little better understanding of the roomate thing all around. He said not to worry about being out exactly on time and that I could have all of next month to get all my stuff moved to the new place.

And speaking of the new place, we have found a place. To those of you familiar with Missoula, it's right off of Russell St. on 10th. Not the best one we saw, but a good option, it has three bedrooms and a full basement. The basement has an extra room in it that Andy will be using as his room. That leaves a bedroom open, Chris said he is thinking of picking up that room himself, in other words, paying a bit more rent so he can put his work out equipment in there. Sounds good to me, since the only other thing I could think to do with it is make it a computer room, and I think that they are going to want to have their computers in their own rooms. It also makes rent a shitload cheaper if we do it that way, for Andy and I anyway. I am all about the cheapness. Anyway, the place has hardwood in the rooms for floors, and carpet in the main living area. I like hardwood all around, cause it's easier to maintain, but whatcha gonna do. The carpet is a bit old, but realistically, it's gonna get that way anyway. They have two cats, and the guy was cool about that. He also said he wouldn't mind me having a dog. That rocks. The lame shit about the place is that he wants us to get our own credit checks, which is totally ass. I honestly think it's going to be a big pain in my ass. Later kids.

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Out to Lunch

Just got back from out to lunch. For those of you not familiar with this, it's a little thing they do in Missoula every Wednesday afternoon in the summer time. At around 11 o'clock it starts, and it's just all the cool restaraunts in town have little stands in one of the main parks in town. So everyone who works downtown and all goes out to the park and buys lunch, sits around under whatever shade they can find and listens to live music. It's one of the things that makes living here feel so much nicer than Seattle.

Fuck Seattle.

So anyway, I had Pad Thai w/ Chicken, which is ummmmm.... yum... yeah.
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Life, yeah

Had coffee with Kenji and Andy and Nate today after gaming. Pretty boring day altogether, but you know, that's just what I do lately. Got up around 3 or so pm and sat watching tv a bit with Clay. Checked the mail and found that, very luckily, my unemployment check had arrived, just in time, which reminds me, I am going to fill that form out right now, hehe.

Done, so, anyway, yeah, got up, watched tv and went and deposited my check in the bank, at the very last second that they would have grabbed it. That was the longest deposit I have ever sat through, which confused me, as you think they would hurry through their last couple peeps. Then it was all about dungeons and dragons, which is really lame, I still don't know why I play that game much less with the people I play with who have to be the lamest bunch of gamers in the world. Fuck. So anyway, yeah, went to Dixies Diner, saw no one there I wanted to hang out with, then stopped as Finnegan's, another diner, and met up with Andy, soon to be joined by Big Mew(Nate) and Kenji. We discussed all type of shit from where we want to be in 5 years to ummm... yeah, other boring shit that was fun when it happened.
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Turning the Corner?

So I was talking to Chris tonight. He is sort of a friend, he's Andy's roomate, and Andy is one of my better friends here in Missoula. He said that he is going to try to look into getting a new place and he thinks me as an extra roomie would be cool. This is totally taking my mind off my greater worry right now. Still without girlfriend, but I think this could be, if not remedied soon, at least dealt with since I have had so much luck lately and I am feeling quite the stud, so I shouldn't have trouble finding another. You know, confidence and all that. Dan loves you kids, take care, and don't ummm... die and shit.